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[fitness clothing vendors]Xinhua News Agency, the United Nations, Chinas resident representative Zhang Jun, the representative of the United Nations, presided over the President of the Council=•▲△, presided over the Palestinian issue of the Palestinian issue of the Council, presided over the President of the Council★•. When speaking as a representative of China, Zhang Jun said that the Council should take strong action to reiterate the firm support of the “two countries▷••”▽□, calling on the international community to practice real multilateralism, and play a role in the solution to Palestine issues. Zhang Jun said that the international community must increase actions to ensure that the relevant parties have effectively abide by the ceasefire and recover the full calm as soon as possible☆=▷△. China urges all parties to keep restraints to avoid taking initiatives that may lead to an upgrade. Zhang Jun pointed out that the humanitarian crisis faced by Palestine is concerned abo.

Original title□◁▲☆: Sixty-year-old Chinese employees were dismissed by 1 ton of heavy waste paper in South Korea☆▲☆-, and the data is on March 6. At 6:35 local time▪○, South Korea, Beijing, China The collapse of the recycling station□■▷, and Zhao◁•, who was killed in sixty-year-old employees■□△•, and one employee was injured. According to the Han Lian, it is a waste paper block that takes 16 meters, which is 1 meter, compressed△•. The single weight is about 1 ton. The recycling station has 4 waste paper blocks. Two sudden collapses on the same day, and Zhao and others. Zhao was sent to the hospital. The local police believed that the cause of the accident is related to the level of compression of the waste paper itself▲△★▽, is currently investigating whether the person in charge of the recycling station complies with the safety code◇☆▲▲. (Overseas Network Liu Qiang) Responsible Editor: Chu Xiaoh.

Original title: Foreign media: The United Nations praised Chinas “Sponge City” project festival pre-report news network report foreign media said that the United Nations said that in climate change and global population growth threatens billions of water safety At the time•☆☆…, governments should focus on ●□”more green” policies to improve water supply and quality. According to the Fa XPO, “2018 United Nations World Water Development Report” said that it is estimated that 3▽-.6 billion people per year, that is•…○, nearly half of the worlds population living in a year◆■○, at least one month=☆■, may have water resources The number of shortages, the number may rise to 5.7 billion to 2050. The United Nations Director-General of the UNESCO said at the report conference held in Brasilia, “this report proposes a natural solution based on natur.

Original title: Afterwarding 1 year ago, the governor promised that the governor had promised that the governor was hit .◁▪.. Last years five sessions of the National Peoples Congress★▽, for the problems in Yunnan tourism, Yunnan Province Chang Chengfa is made …★”” Heavy punches rectifying the tourism market chaos. According to the year of the Yunnan group on March 6○▲=, Yan Chengfa was asked by the media. -△•▽”Do you have a commitment to last year◁●-△?” •△■◆”During the national two sessions last year◇=▷▪, I also in this conference room◇-, I On behalf of the Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government has done a promise, we must rebuild the tourism market. Tourism shopping location; to the travel agency-△◇=, the tour guide implements a negative list management△•△○, all-year investigation of 173 trav.