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[sportswear manufacturers usa]Original title: The worlds first extension version “Revival◁▽-▲” is currently undergoing Tests New Beijing News (Reporter Guo Chao) Reporter Today (March 9) learned from the Tangshan Company of my country○◇, 350 kilometers long groups developed by China Revival No. “China Standard EMU has begun to test, the long-editing group” Revival “train consists of 16 cars, and is currently the same running speed in the world▼◁□, the longest group trains★▪=. It is understood that this number of EMUs named CR400BF-A-3024 is under testing of the Iron Institute of Iron Institutes in the eastern suburbs of Beijing. The train type test is to verify that the truck can meet the requirements of the relevant technical specifications=△▽, that is, the delegation inspection agency conducts “exam▽•△” for this new car, see if the technical conditions and working conditions of the car are complian!

Original title▷□•: The Ecological Environment Department responds to environmentally friendly volunteers to be arrested: more about volunteers should understand the encyclopediments of Beijing News (Reporter Deng Qi intern Yu Huazun) Recently, there is a media report. Environmental volunteers Lei Ping will return to Guangdong Provincial Letter. After the citys quarry, after the garbage dump, the police of Xinyi City North Police Station took away. In response to this, Liu Youbin said in the press conference today, more understanding and inclusive for environmental social organization and environmental volunteers, more concerned and support•●, and environmentally friendly social organizations and volunteers should also Carry out activities. Liu Youbin said that ▷-○”ecological environmental volunteers are our important power, social organizations and volunteers actively participate in ecological environment○▪-, report violations, and maintain public legal environmental rights, and is an important supplement of government power. Original ri.

Xinhua News Agency Paris March 22 (Reporter Zhang Men) 2018 “World Outstanding Female Scientist Award” Awards Ceremony is held on the evening of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences▪▷, the researcher of the National Academy of Sciences◆=■, Zhang Mang, has award this award. The UNESCO said in the previously released awards☆○•, Zhang Mingmans creative research work provides a new point of view to terrestrial evolution. Temcer said on the award-winning speech, ☆△”I am very honored to get this award. I started to contact the ancient biology more than 60 years ago, thanking domestic foreign partners for my help and support for many years▽□▽.” Zhang Mishan 82 Years■★, is an ancient categorologist in the world. She has long been engaged in comparative fo. breathable sports T shirts supplier butter leggings wholesa – t-shirt fabric suppliers atlanta clothing vendors canadian clothing manufacturers wholesale,