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stepping workout machine.[cotton fleece letterman jacket]Original title: Sichuan Yaan has a mountain landslide 3 cars in the road to prohibit passwords: Chengdu Business Daily August 6, at 9 oclock in the morning, the Yaan Panda Park has a mountain landslide. The collapse caused three cars to be pressed, a small truck○▼▽, a ceiling battery car and a human battery car damaged. At present, the road is prohibited from passing, please pass through the vehicle bypass. The video displayed by the Chengdu Business Daily Client, the incident, the vehicle is driving, the mountain collapsed, pushing the three cars that the road to the road to the roadside, currently, large machines have entered the field ▲•□▲, Dredging the road. Editor in charge: Huo .

Not the original▲●, it is future●●; not a cured discipline center, is a changed training center; it is not the reform of talent training mode; it is a transformation of talent training▷■▽; it is not an upgrade of disciplines, it is the surgical type of surgery in organizational structure; not future technology Research institute is a future technology leading talent training base. The Ministry of Education has announced the first batch of technical colleges, including the first 12 hours of Technical College, including Peking University and Tsinghua University. For this new change in society, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education▽…, Director Wu Yan▽△, used five ▪●◇□”not◆-…▷” and ◆□”Yes”…-•●. What is the future technical college? What is the feature? How to educate people? In fact, the future technical academy is buildi!

Beijing News (Reporter Pan Jiao) Today (21st)▼…○, the villagers in Guangxi Guilin Xiufeng District privately organized the dragon boat in Taohua River, and two dragon boats were rolled away★★▲, about 60 people falling water. In the evening=…, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Guilin Municipal Government that the incident has caused 11 people to die△★, there is still 6 people to lose■□-☆, and the search and rescue work is in progress. At 19 oclock•…▪△, the Guilin City Fire Brigade Bear Class, who participated in the live rescue, told reporters that there are currently 70 fire officers and soldiers in the middle of the country to search and rescue◇◇. While the fire officers and soldiers searched and rescue, they also intercepted downstream with blocking-▽◇, and coordinated drainage to reduce the water level, which is convenient for search and rescue●=-. ▲○”It has already rushed the water of two meters deep…◁▼”••-…, he said that there is a sludge below the incident, and the water is turbid, and the incident has grown one or two times, but still some peopl. championship jackets customized

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