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[black satin varsity jacket]Original title: Pan Kaji, Vice President of the National Political Consultative Conference•◆★■, and President of China Publishing Group▽•: “Singing Faded” paper publication not based on cover journalists Zhang Jie photography reported from the past thousand words of thousands of words, and in recent years, literature magazine generally improve the festival Standards, there are thousands of words, the original copy of the original works, has always been a hot topic of writing workers, publishing circles◁☆. How to maintain the copyright of the work of the Internet? In the era of electronic reading, mobile reading screen▪●, network novel writing and reading prevalence◁●△◆, paper publishing○•▪●, traditional reading, really fell? On March 7th, Pan Kaixiong□●◆, a member of the Capture Journalist Dialogue, and Vice President of China Publishing Group. As a senior publisher, former president□■△, literary criticism, Pan Kaixiong said, singi?

Original title: Zhang Xuan Ren, Shanghai Jiading District Party Secretary●▷◇, Ma Chunlei, is the director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission (Figure Resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Network Shanghai April 3 Comprehensive report According to “Shanghai Jiading” WeChat public number●-, April 2 In the morning, Jiading District held the party and government responsible cadre meeting in the region, Zheng Jintin◁●, deputy director of the Municipal Party Committee☆▽-■, read the municipal party committee decided•▷○-: Comrade Ma Chunlei served as Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government, Director of Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, Party Secretary=–▽, etc. Jiading District Party Committee Secretary, Standing Committee, member of the Commission; Comrade Zhang Xuan served as Secretary of the CPC Jiading District Committee-▪▼▷. According to the China Economic Network Local Party and Government Leading Peoples Library Information, Zhang Wei, born in June 1971, served as the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Xuhui District Committee, deputy director-●◆▪, served as Jiading District, 2016☆◆▷■; Ma Chunlei, born in July 19.

Original title○▼●▽: Boao Hot discussion: Sino-US trade friction affects Asia Economy April 9, Boao Forum 2018 Annual Meeting, Fan Gang, Director of the National Economic Research Institute••=, speaking on the Asian Economic Forecasting▼▽△-. Figure / Visual China Boao Forum 2018 will be held in Hainan Boao from April 8th to 11th○●▪, the theme ◆□●”. On April 9◇■▷, the Boao Forum entered the “Sub-forum Time”▲•, and the nearest China-US trade friction became the focus of this Boao Forum. Fan Gang, director of the National Institute of National Economics, said that China and the United States trade friction may cause fluctuations in the Asian economy. How big is the impact of dispute upgrade▲◇▼★? Fan Gang, Director of the National Economic Research Institute, said that when the China-US trade friction, it will cause economic fluctuations in Asian. He explained that Asia has form•-◆.

China Xinwang Beijing May 27 (Chen Hang) on ​​the 27th△☆◁•, the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th National Peoples Congress of Beijing, considering the approval of Beijing 2021 local government debt limit and municipal budget adjustment plan The Beijing Municipal Peoples Congress Standing Committee reviewed the approval of Beijings 2021 local government debt increased limited limit of 99.8 billion yuan◁▪, of which the general debt was 15.8 billion yuan, and special debts were 84 billion yuan. Mainly used in ecological environmental protection, medical health, rural revitalization, transportation infrastructure, municipal and industrial park infrastructure, shantytown transformation▼△●○, and promote key areas and major projects such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association, Beijing Urban Deputy Center Construction and Southern Water Transfer Project. The meeting also consider?