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[oem sportswear]Original title▷○▼▲: New face 1 Provincial Party Secretary +8 Governor March 5th, 13th National Peoples Congress will open in Beijing▽▪, the National Peoples Congress representatives gathered together, and the bush country is. More than 2,000 representatives of the 13th National Peoples Congress, there were 31 party and government a hand. Statistics on “Government” (WeChat ID…★◁: XJBZSE), 9 people are new representatives, the first time Ive been identified by the National Peoples Congress, and I will walk into the Peoples Conference. These 9 people are▲=◁□: Shandong Provincial Party Secretary Liu Jiayi, Shandong Governor Gong Zheng, Liaoning Governor Tang Yunhai, Fujian Governor Tang Dejun, Zhejiang Governor Yuan Jiajun, Hainan Governor Shen Xiaoming□☆, Gansu Tang Renjian, Guizhou◇▼◁, governor of Guizhou Province▽•▽◁. Born in 1956 Liu Jiayi, is an •▽▪”old auditor◆■▷…”, from 1984 until last ye?

Original title▲•▲: Employment of eyewear girls: Grandpa donate the remaining 1301 yuan of freight Recently, Henan Tankang suffered from the female kid Wang Fengya, who had retinal skeletarns, causing attention△●. Previously▽-•▪, there was a self-media publishing article that his family raised 150,000 yuan in the water droplets and other platforms. After raising the money, it did not treat it◁□▪, and the son was treated with the son of the chef▷○-▼, suspected of “fraud○□□”☆…. On May 25, Wang Fengya family responded that the real fundraising is only 38▼○◆,000 yuan△◆=△, of which the water droplet raised is 35,000 yuan●=, and 1301 yuan left after treatment. In addition★=▼, the sons treatment in the home has been resolved in April last year, and does not involve this fundraising. When the Taikang County Public Security Bureau said in an interview with the media□△▪, the matter did not constitute a criminal case. No. 37 (WeChat ID•◁▼▷: WeChat I.

[Changsheng Biology: Bai Bai Bai production workshop has been suspended will formulate practical corrective actions] Changsheng creatures Reply to deep, at present, the company has been discontinued, and the company is actively studying Bai Bai breaking the vaccine and Basic multi-vaccine. For the incident, we feel very self-blaming, once again expressed deep apologies to the vacculvers and investors. The company will lead to the ring■▽★, to give a non-feasible corrective measures to make thorough rectification•★•★, ensure the production of compliance, authenticity, reliability, traceability-○, and the safety of vaccine△▽=. [Kangtai Biology responded ◁▷”The King of Vaccine” report: the current product quality stability] Kangtai Biology issued a clarification announcement on the network related report, “the king of the vaccine◁▽▼” is n.

Original title: National Student Funding Management Center issued a warning: alert to help the gold for the name of the new Beijing News (Reporter Wang Jun) Recently, many townships in Dazhang County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province□▼△, have been appointed as named, and fraudulent identity○•. Information on information such as the certificate number, bank card number and mobile phone verification code implement fraud. On April 3, the National Student Funding Management Center released an early warning of the 2018, reminding students and parents to be vigilant. National Student Funding Management Center said that no matter which unit or individual provides funding, you should not ask students to inform the ID number…▷, bank card number, mobile phone verification code and other information in the phone, and will not ask for any fees or at the ATM machine◁◆◇. Online banking, if there is similar requirements•▽▼◇, students and parents can consult the school teacher and local education departmen.