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[mens wholesale socks]Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions, China Transport Rocket Technology•□■, Dean, President, Pre-launch of heavy rockets in 2030 (Reporter Wang Mengyao) today (March 4), National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, China Launch Rocket Technology In an interview with the Beijing News reporter■□★, the Dean of the Institute said that it is expected that in 2030○▽•, my country can implement the launch and operation of heavy rockets, and the ability to enter the space will increase compared to the current Long March 5. Meta▼▽●. On February 6, US Local Time, the worlds most powerful heavy-duty launch rocket “Falcon Heavy Type” carrying a Tesla sports car launch, a rocket is 70 meters high, 12.2 meters wide, from 3 “Falcon 9 “The rocket is bundled, with 27 engines▪◁, and its near-ground track payload is?

Original title: (Rule of Law) Guangdong Jiangmen: The father and son have compared the grassroots regime▼○▪, and the collective assets were sentenced to Xinhua News Agency. The father and son and others form a evil force criminal group to make a basic regime and an invasion of the collective asset final judgment▼…○: dismiss the appeal, maintain the original judgment, close□▷△, and the concern is divided into prison for 15 years and 5 years. 4 months. In the court, the court has been found•◆▪. Convenient▼□□■, for its local engineering construction, production and operation and other economic activitie.

Original title: Chen Jieyi Tongji University principal, exempted Zhong Zhihua Tongji University principals position Source: Peng Deqian / on the news on July 20th news, on the afternoon of the 20th, the relevant department of the Ministry of CPC Central Committee announced in Tongji University The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council decided○★, Chen Jieyi, the principal of Tongji University (deputy ministerial level)●•; Previously, June this year, Zhong Zhihua was elected vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. According to official resume, Chen Jie, born in Fujian, Professor, Ph.D★□. tutor•=, Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1965. From 1986, 1996, a Bachelor, Master and Ph.D=▪★☆. in Beijing Institute of Technology were divided into 2001. He has served as director of school automatic control department, party secretary of the School of Information Science, Director, Science and Technology Department•▪, Science and Technology Resear•○□?