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[cheap black leggings in bulk]On the 13th National Peoples Congress, I held the fourth plenary meeting on the 13th of the Peoples Great Hall on the 13th, listening to the statement of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee on the draft monitoring law, listening to the statement of the State Council on the Reform Plan of the State Council, Voting Conference on Establishing Thirteen The draft decision of the National Peoples Congresss special committee◆★•, the draft decision on the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Director of the Chairman of the National Peoples Congress, and the voting method of the Committee▼▽…●, and the 17th National Peoples Congress Constitution and the Legal Committee, the Director of the Finance and Economic Commission, deputy Director, the Committee selected two draft draft. The following is a live record: from the Standing Committee of the 12th National Peoples Congress☆-▪○, Li Jianguo, deputy chairman of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee•☆▪▲, to the 13th National Peoples Congress, for the draft explanation of the Chinese Peoples Republic of Chin.

Original title: Interpretation of the Constitutional Amendment ︱ Constitution and the Party Constitution There is a close contact with the party constitution. The constitution is the fundamental law of the country. The Chinese Communist Party is the fundamental law of the party★▲◆▼. The Constitution determined the leadership of the Communist Party of China. The Communist Party of China is the ruling party, obviously, the constitution is closely related to the relationship between the party constitution. Between the two, there is a difference and more close contact. The difference between the Constitution and the Party Contest is mainly: First, the development of the other, the content, adjustment range, adjustment object, etc★☆. are different. As a national fundamental law, the Constitution is only the unique main body of the constitade▪•◁. The Constitution stipulates the fundamental tasks, basic principles○…, and stipulates that state regime organizations•▼▪, civil fund obligations and other content, is the foundation of national reliance to establish legal systems■◇•, and adjusting the subject is all citizens▽…△. Obviously, these are different from the par.

Zhongxin Net Pixiang May 28th-▪: ​​More than 400 cross-border driving drivers boost Chinese, Yuehua reporter Jiang Xuelin▷▼, with the current situation of new wave of epidemic, the prevention and control situation of Guangxi friendship port is suddenly nervous▲◆. There is such a group of people▪◁, in order to ensure the smooth international trade, dangerous▪◁○, throughout the day between China and Vietnamese ports, they are the drivers of the entry and exit trucks. Recently, the reporter saw in an interview in Guangxi Friendship Port•▼, although the overseas epidemics were severe, the import and exit trucks were busy▼★. It is understood that since May 25, Friendship Port will be approximately 1300 times a day••□. Because the entry and exit truck driving drivers○★◆•, closed-loop management, the reporter can only pass electrici▪▽.