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[wholesale exercise clothing]Original title: This is an open letter●☆•, let the Hebei Provincial Party Committee Secretary ordered the thorough investigation overnight? On July 27, Wang Dongfeng, director of the Standing Committee of the Hebei Provincial Provincial Bureau, and Wang Dongfeng, said that the person in charge of Xian◆•▼●, a transportation company reflects the issue of the problem of difficulty in the examination and approval of the highway over-limit transportation of Hebei Province. It is highly attached to the night, and it will make a priority and clearly Claim. According to Journalists confirmed that Wang Dongfeng saw the open letter written by Hou Shaoang, the person in charge of Xian Laodou Lifting Lifting Transportation Co., Ltd. Hou Shaogang said that the Hebei Provincial Communications Department has been in contact with him on the 27th, and the leaders have apologized. On the afternoon, the over-limited transportation pass has already been done, ◁-○■”the speed of the speed…▷◆★”. Hou Shaogang also said: ▲•”I also put recommendations and requirements, to solve from the top floor design, approval process. Not saying that.

Original title: Takeaway platform response information leak: has been alarm, will investigate the US group◁◁…=, hungry▽☆▷, said a number of measures have been taken to protect user information security; involving the sale of takeaway information QQ group still has not closed “Takeaway delivery information is referred to in online sale “Tracking the Beijing News Yesterday, the report is reported yesterday, exposing multi-takes platform user information is leaked, online sellers▼○●○, takeaway riders sell takeaway order customer information. Yesterday, the takeaway platform US group responded that the information disclosure has been reported to the police; another take-selling platform is hungry, it is, it is fully investigated. US Mission: Do your best to protect user information security in response☆▽=, US group said that the US group takeaway is highly valued by the users information being sold. At present●-□□, the verification investigation of relevant information has been launched, and it has been reported to the police. Thank you for the supervision of media and user=▼★!

Original title: China launches crude oil futures related to China and the United States? Yesterday•=●◆, Shanghai crude oil futures launched by RMB settlement, the first day of trading opened the door, the front bidding stage of the main contract is 5△◇■.8%. ▲ At 9 oclock on March 26, China crude oil futures listed in the Shanghai Futures Exchange and priced in RMB. The launch of the Chinese version of crude oil futures▷★▼, although it is brewing■▽▷, but this really introduced the general concern of the international community. Even some people connect this matter with Sino-US relations with trade war▪△•, think this is the cause of the China-US trade dispute or result. But seeking truth from facts, they think more. The launch of petroleum futures will not affect China-US trade at least in the short term, and will not cause any loss to the United States▪▷, and the United States cannot stop China Oil in any purpos. activewear sets wholesale puffer parka jackets manufacturer – royal t shirts custom resistance bands manufacturer panties quotes,