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[varsity jacket women”s custom]Chinas new website on May 28th According to the National Foreign Exchange Bureau website○…•▽, recently, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange announced the countrys foreign securities investment assets country data in China. Statistics show that at the end of 2020, my countrys foreign securities investment assets (excluding reserves) were 89.99 billion US dollars. Among them, equity investment is US $ 604▪-.3 billion, and bonds invest $ 295.5 billion. The country of investment is China Hong Kong■▽, the United States○=, Cayman Islands=▽△, British Virgin Islands and the UK▼□☆•, with investment amounts of $ 409.1 billion-▪•■, $ 1.90.1 billion, $ 59.2 billion and $ 21.5 billion. [Edit: Chen Haifen.

Data map. (图 源 源: Oriental IC) Overseas Network August 10 Electric MH370 passenger plane is 4 years, still not being found. On July 30, local time, the Malaysian government announced a survey report for MH370 passenger planes●□▷◁, triggered the question of all parties, and reported that there were no traffic opportunities. According to ▷■”Hong Kong East Network”, Malaysia issued a final report, was criticized by MH370 passengers■▽, and they condemned the Malaysian government concealed the truth●•○▷. Local Time Tuesday (7th)▲○, representative ★□◇△”Voice 370″ on behalf of the MH370 missed passengers■◁◇, asked the Malaysian government to open all the data◆•▽, including military radar data, so that independent experts review and analyze. In addition, the French government is also MMS MH☆●…•.

Original title: In the future■…▷-, Guangzhou will have Ten Railway Station Guangzhou Daily News (Full Media Reporter Du Juan) Recently, “2040 Guangzhou City Traffic Development Strategic Planning•●: The Development Strategy of Guangzhou Railway Hub under Global City…▪●” began to tender, marking Guangzhou Start planning 2040 railway hub construction, which proposed to study the development of railway hub under global urban positioning, and simultaneously combine the national “all road” development initiative layout to study the implementation path of international railway transport in Guangzhou▷•☆●. Guangzhou should establish an international comprehensive transportation hub○●☆, Guangzhou is an important transportation hub◇△▽. In February 2016, the State Councils approval of the overall planning of Guangzhou City•□△, the citys urban positioning is clearly …◁☆”Guangdong Province•◁★, the national historical and cultural city, my countrys important central cit▼△◆.

Original title•▷◇★: What is the source of the national awards: Changan Street ICOW Wang Wei, the President of the Liberian Republic of Wang, the President of the Republic of China△▪☆▲, George Vi, and receiving a special trip to the fifth branch of China in Liberi, and the police violence☆▷■, and Grant the Liberian National Award to the violence team••◆. △◇”Thank you for your contribution to peace☆◆, thank you for your contribution to Liberia. Please convey my greetings and respect to the Chinese government and the people.” The president also said in Chinese, ▲…◁”Thank you”. President Liberia issued a national award certificate to Chinas fifth part of the national award certificate (WeChat ID: CapitalNews) notice that this team is not the important commendation of the country for the first time. October last yea?