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[unique running clothes]Pregnant women Thailand fell cliffs, do not change the jurisprudence▼…△★? ■ Observer secondary trial decision did not consider the defendant refused to plead guilty◇☆▷◁, as well as the harsh case of killing the “respect relative◆○”, and selected the lightest penalty. In June 2019, Ms. Wang, Jiangsu pregnant woman, was pushed down in Thailand, which caused widespread concern. Recently, the case was in Thailand, and the judge thought that the defendant Yu Mou did not constitute a deliberate murder, and because of the survival of the victim, he was murdered-•■, so the defendants life imprisonment was sentenced to 10 years in prison. In this regard◁★, Ms. Wang▼□◁, who is the victim, said to appeal to the Supreme Court of Thailand•▷▷▪. Its agent lawyer also believes that the second instance is more grassroots=•, “the court did n△◆….

Original title…★: 6 people in the East China Sea Fleet promoted the rank of Naval University●▪☆, 18 people promoted professional and technical school military ranks in-depth implementation of Xi Jinpings strong thoughts, further stimulating the vast number of officers and soldiers love military careers▲★▪, dedicating the honor of the Navy, enhancing officers and soldiers The construction of a strong sense of modern naval is responsible. On the afternoon of March 14, the East China Sea Fleet was held in the commander of the Multi-Function Hall held a rising ceremony. The rank promotion ceremony was approved by the Navy◆◇□. The East China Sea Fleet was promoted to the rank of the Naval University•●, and 18 officers were promoted to the rank of professional and technical schools. The promotion ceremony of all the staff was hosted by the Fleet Wang Huayong political commissar, and the fleet Wei Gang commander read the naval order▽◇-…. Wei Gang commander, Wang Huayong Political Committee awarded the order of the military officer○=•△. Fleet at the party committ.

Original title: Ukraine first president accepts interviews with Global Times: Chinas new moon difference, not accidental [Global Times●•▲, Times□△★-, Ukraine Special Reporter Zhang Hao] Ukraine First President, -▪▪”Ukraine-China Association==” Honorary Chairman Clavuk Offices display cabinet, Porcelain carving in Chinas old Shouxing is placed…▪. After the President was removed in 1994=▷☆, he never stayed away from the political stage, as his yellow classic office building, not only close to the Ukrainian government building☆□•, but also within two minutes walk from the parliament building. The 84-year-old Clavon is a special history of the witnesses★□▷, but also participants. On August 24, 1991▷•▪, Ukraine Soviet Union was officially announced in Kravukuch•☆●. On December 8•▽, the same year▽…=, he participated in the signing of “别 洛 日 国 .