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[compression wear wholesale]Original title: sad•▪=□! ▲▪☆”Wonderland” in the South of Caiyun: Black “Scar”▽○▽ custom letterman jacket wholesa – whosa odies.! God touched the palette, shouldnt there be a spot★△…? The red land in Dongchuan District●-, Yunnan, is known as ◆△”the palette of the emperor▪▲”. The red land is staggered in a terraced manner to form a natural “palette★-” landscape◇–▼. However, the reporter learned that from 2016, the •▲”Toner” has added uncoordinated colors•●. Netizens have sigh, this natural “palette★★•” is much spots…●-, I have not arrived yet … Yunnan: The three seven large-scale expansion Dongchuan red land is no longer •◁☆”red” Yunnan reporter Zuohang said, When standing in Dongchuan Red Land●◆☆, when there is a look at the top four…▼◇, the foot is a black black, there are many farmland has been covered by black, once because of the fascinating color of the Red Earth Plate!

Xinhua News Agency, on August 21 (Reporter Chen Wenguang) reporter learned from the Hunan Provincial Peoples Procuratorate on the 21st that Zhao Wenbin, former Deputy Secretary of Hunan City, Xiangtan Municipal Party Committee, was suspected of accepting bribes, and the Hunan Provincial Supervision Committee survey ended, transfer Procuratorate review prosecution. Recently, the Hunan Provincial Peoples Procuratorate made an arrest decision of Zhao Wenbin according to the crime of accepting bribes☆•▷. This case is under further handling. According to the reporter, Zhao Wenbin served as the secretary of the Kaifu District Committee of Changsha City, deputy mayor of Changsha City■▪○, the Standing Committee of the Changsha Municipal Committee, Director of the Party Crafts Committee of the Dahe West, and the deputy secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Municipal Committee, deputy secretary of the Xiangtan Municipal Committee Political discipline, serving with others□•☆=, engaging in attack and defensive alliances, transfer, concealing property★■, fighting up the organization; violating the spirit of the central provisions, and accepting private business owners to arrange the Go bulk athletic shorts wholesale blank clothing usa wholesale varsity jacket!

(Anti-neooperative pneumonia) Kazakhstan submits the national vaccine to WHO to apply for China, Xinshu, May 28 (Reporter Zhang Shuo) Local Time 28, according to the official introduction, Harbin domestic new crown vaccine □○★★”QAZVAC☆○○◇” The third phase clinical trial has been close to the end▼★, and the WHO submits the national vaccine registration application▷=…▷. When Harbird Tosayev held a video conference in Tan Dersse with WHO, the President of the WHO Tan Dee●▼, said that the third phase of the new crown vaccine “QAZVAC” has completed 90%▷-, according to the initial data, the vaccine clinical trial is effective Can reach 96%◇•□▷. At present•△◁-, Ha en-relations department is working on the vaccine through WHO registratio.

China Xinwang on May 28, according to the US media□▽□•, local time on the 27th, a local governor said that the city San Jose, the northern city of California□△•▷, shifted 9 people to die, suspected of attacking specific targets••. On May 26th local time, a shooting incident occurred in a light rail facility in San Clara Valley Traffic Management Bureau, California, USA. The picture shows the police officer near the case. Zhongxin Service, Liu Guanzhi, Luxi Smith◆=◇-, La Ru□☆▷△, Clara County, said that local time on the 26th◇◆•, a light rail facility in San Clara Valley, San Jose☆▷★○, a light railway facility△▷, a gunman Said, “I will not shoot you.” Smith said th.