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[daring jacket]Original title: This year●-□, the number of China-Easyban Bank has broken through thousands of reporters learned from the China Railway Corporation: March 29th-☆●▪, with the success of China-EU (Poland – Chengdu), 2018 China European class cumulative opening number reached 1000 Columns▷■•○, a year-on-year increase of 75%, marking the continued achievement of the construction of the railway department service •▪=▽”all the way”■▪○■. The person in charge of the relevant departments of China Railway Corporation introduced that China-Eucha will reach 1◇◁…,000 columns this year□□, only 88 days, shortened by 256 days in 2016◆■▼●, shorten than 45 days from 2017, and set a new record. The scope of the opening continues to expand△■. Up to now▲☆△○, the number of Central European class has exceeded 7,600 columns, and 61 in China, and the city in China has increased to 4.

Original title: Where is Chinas ◆▷”Spacex” – •▼□”National Team☆◁●” and the DPP Space Development This newspaper reporter Fu Yifei In February 2018▼▽, Spacexs Falcon Heavy Rockets were successful, and today the todays aerospace industry The king of the king. This also enables the company to have a capital of the NASA (National Aeronautics Bureau) in the task of manned moon. As a private enterprise, SpaceX breaks the •☆•”taboos★□○” in the space world, and the ★☆”impossible○★○” in the traditional concept is a reality▽○, and the road to the success attracts extensive attention in the aerospace world. Over the years, my countrys private enterprises have also contributed to the development of aerospace, and their participation level is being promoted by general supporting parts to the overall and sub-system, but the central enterprises “national team■☆” has been fi.

Original title: Whether China follows the Fed to rise this year? Central Bank responds to Reuters▼▷: In 2017, under the financial destination leverage◆◇☆…, does the corporate financing cost increase affect economic development★◇○? Is the central bank follow the US Fed to rise-▼•▪? Zhou Xiaochuan◁▷…: The global economy has been tough and detours. Many important national monetary policies are exited from quantity◆=☆◁. Quantity expansion and low interest rates have begun to report. In Chinas growth mode-▲, economic new normal, from quantity growth to quality growth, quantity The increase in funds, which will be reduced. In othertlands, Chinas total economic monetary volume is quite large, and it will reduce fund support growth when pursuing quality growth, but does not mean that funds are tight★••▼. Easy●▲•: We have detected that the loan interest rate of the last year rose by 0.4 percentage points■=◇•, b.

Original title◁◁=▷: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the 2018 China-Detailed Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit held the Chinese and foreign media blowing conference on the 22nd of China and foreign media blowing. State Councilors and Foreign Minister Wang Yi introduced Xi Jinping▼□★, Chairman of Xi Jinping, hosted the situation in the Beijing Summit of China and Non-Cooperation Forum, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs-▪□, Assistant Chen Xiaodong answered questions◇◆△★. Wang Yi said that the Beijing Summit of China-African Cooperation Forum will be held from September 3 to 4◇◆●, 2018. China-African leaders will gather in Beijing○▼○, focus on “cooperation and win-win, and build a more closely close-in-law community☆◇” this summit theme, share the friendship, common cooperation-▼, and talk about the future. This is another big reunion in the China-African Cooperation Forum, in the 2006 Beijing Summit and 2015 Johannesburg Summit□□, China-Africa Friendly Family has another big reunion□★, and China is al!

Original title: Rui Reference This morning, China Foreign Minister just finished this sentence•☆, the media of this country ■▪-◇”excited” …☆▲○.•◁◆.▪△◇▲. no accident, China Foreign Minister reporter will become world focus again◆•◇•. This morning◆•, the center of Beijing Meiya▽•▲, hundreds of Chinese and foreign reporters, 22 “” questions were thrown. Wang Yi, China Foreign Minister Wang Yi■▪, saw the trick, from the ▲☆”China Threat” to the Korean and Korean Dialogue, from China and the United States to China, China India, from Taiwans problems to the challenge of the South China Sea … For almost all today The big things and hotspots give one byentice and elaborate. “This is the new era of Chinese special country diplomacy halloween leggings!” Some media summarized this reporter will bring people encouragement and shock. At the same time, Wang Yis foreign minister is present at the press conferenc…★•▲.wholesale in atlanta organic tank tops wholesale ski jacket suppliers,