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[white leather jacket outfit]Sanxiang Breach WeChat public number notified the screen of the original: Hunan notified party members and cadres deliberately retalled the Ji Ji Jiye Cadres: Multi-person was investigated “Sanxiang Treatment” WeChat public number March 7 news, recently, the Hengyang City Public Security Organs is serious Investigating and dealing with the original Secretary of Changning City, He Chatrian◁◆, deliberately retalmed the approval of the Jiyan Inspection. Liu Feng◇▽◆, member of Changning Municipal Supervision Committee, which Hengyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, on the case (Changning City Procuratorate Secretary), Changning City Court Zhengzhi Judgment Chen Qi (Changning City Court Discipline Inspection Group Leader) It is seriously investigated and punished in violation of discipline review discipline▲•◁. At 15 oclock on January 24, 2018▷○, the original secretary of Changning City was unlicensed and drifted into the Changning Municipal Committee○△, and he slammed the Standing Committee of Changning Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Municipal Supervision Committe•◇◆●?

Original title○•▪: The first medium-sized rocket in Chinas commercial space field is released. The carrying capacity is expected to reach the worlds third last year. Space X launched the “Falcon Heavy” Rockets of the Space X, which is like a crisp, unveiled the business rocket. The competition on the tracks. In fact, in this track▷☆○-, there is no shortage from China: On May 17 this year■◁○, Chinas first private commercial rocket OS-X type •★•”Chongqing Two Rivers Star●▷”, which is independently developed by ▪☆”Zero Space”. Empty▲☆●★, and it is also followed by Blue Space Technology Co., Ltd. in the same echelon. On the evening of July 5, Blue Direction officially announced that the companys self-developed medium-sized liquid oxymethane launched rocket “Suzaku 2” is scheduled in 2020 and claims that the vehicle carrying capacity will reach the worl▼■▲▽!

Image source: Real Madrid▼★. China Xinwang client Beijing May 28th Beijing time on the evening of 27th, the La Royal Madrid club announced that the main coach decided to resign=◇◇, the club will respect his decision. This is the second time in Zida◆★, I will give up the handsome position of the Real Madrid. During the two coaching imperialmuses, he got 11 champion trophies for Real Madrid■▷. The official release of Real Madrid said: “Dedication, enthusiasm☆□, and professionalism made in Zixia) are grateful. Zidane is one of the great legend of Real Madrid, whether as a player and coach, his contribution has far beyond the legendary itself. This is the second initiative to give up the emperors handshake in Zida. In 2018▪◆=▼, Zidane led Real Madri wholesale manufacturers clothing!

Source: Air Force released this afternoon◁▼, the Chinese Air Force I 76 transport aircraft travels from Shandong Weihai Airport to South Korea▪•, implementing the fifth batch of remarks in the Han Chinese Peoples Volunteers Martyrs▲▪△•, so that the Union returned to the hometown before the Ching Ming Festival…◇◇. The Air Force Aviation Armor who was responsible for this transportation task was started four consecutive transportation in the Han Chinese Peoples Volunteers Martyrs. In order to ensure that the aircraft welcomes the martyrs in the most solemn gesture, the crew carefully organizes the internal and outer environment of the cabin, and installs the 椁 椁, attracts the collision strip□☆-◆. It is understood that on the morning of the 28th, China and South Korea will hold a handover ceremony at the airport, and the Air Force transporter will welcome the remains of the volunteer martyrs. After entering my emptts, the air force two 歼 11 fighters will escort all the way to the destination Shenyang Taoxia○★●•!

Original title-▲…◇: Shaanxi will start Qinling National Fitness Trail Construction It is expected to build Xinhua News Agency Xian March 26 (Reporter Zheng Wei) reporter learned from Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau on the 26th that Shaanxi will officially launch the Qinling National Fitness Turial Construction•◆▽◁, It is expected that this national trail is implemented and the whole line is fully implemented▷◁◇, providing outdoor sports enthusiasts, leisure fitness, tourists, and the masses along the crowd provide safety, environmental protection▷☆, intelligent high-standard sports public services. Qinling is an important mountain range in my country. The main body is located in the southern part of Shaanxi Province and the northern part of Sichuan Province. It involves 6 municipalities in Shaanxi Province, 39 counties and counts, curves are about 1500 kilometers long, with more than 14 million people along the line. Qinling National Fitness Terminal relying on the unique natural resources of Qinling, will build a sports, leisur wholesale childrens wear▼-!cute athletic wear – swimsuit wholesa t shirt printing online exporter,