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[blank shirts canada]National Peoples Congress Legislative Work Journalist. The Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing took the deputy director of the 12th National Peoples Congress, and Wang Shengming answered the reporter. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing Title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Wang Shengming Response “After the establishment of the supervisory committee At a meeting of the Peoples Congress▷□◆▽, the OPT was officially established as the constitutional status of national institutions◁★. After setting up the supervisor, how big is the procurator? On the morning of March 12th, the two sessions =•…”Peoples Congress Legislation Work◇-◇” reporter meeting, there is a reporter question: This conference will consider whether to organize the law in the current peoples procuratorate after the supervision law will be considered…◇■. How to solve the relationship between the law★•? as well !

Original title: Historical contribution to ecological civilization (observations) Xi Jinpings ecological civilization thoughts and develops awareness of human civilization development law, natural law, economic and social development, has become China Communists bring to China, bring to the world A historic contribution “Still the peoples blue sky and white clouds, the star flashes★▽•▼” ◆△▷”also gives the people to the green shore of the people◇◁■,” Let the people eat with confidence, live with peace of mind “” Leave the birds and flowers for the people -●”▷-□… .•◇.…☆. Recently, the National Ecological Environment Protection Conference was held in Beijing•◆■•, and General Secretary Xi Jinping=□, the deep situation of General Secretary Xi Jinping▼▽, outlined an important goal of solving the outstanding ecological environment. It can be said that the ecological environment is a major political issue with the purpose of the partys mission. It is also a major social issue related to peoples livelihood. “In the past 5 yea▲▪.

Original title: Chinas four sea police boats entered the Diaoyu Islands, the cruise cruise was reported by Japan. On September 12th☆▽△▲, Japans 11th Tube District Sea Security Headquarters said that after 7 oclock in the morning on September 12…○◇▷, 4 The Chinese sea police ship entered the Diaoyu Islands Sea Sailing. The Japanese Maritime Security Office issued a warning from four sea police boats, and continued to monitor our sea police ship. To around 9:00 am▷▽□, 4 Chinese navy boats will continue to perform tasks 30 to 32 kilometers from the west side of Diaoyu Islands. The Japanese Maritime Security Department still continues to warn and surveillance it. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology and the increase in national defense, my country has continuously strengthened the insights around the Diaoyu Islands. At the same time, Japan is closely concerned about the changes in Chinas military powe wholesale team apparel wholesale clothing in nyc – bulk 2 piece sets made in usa hoodie, wholesale graphic t shirts manufacturers!

Original title: Wuhan University Invested about 6 million yuan in Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan University•▷, Xinhua News Agency•◆▼●, Wuhan=■•, March 20 (Reporter Yu Wei, Feng Guodong) At the eyes•……▷, the blood of the cherry blossoms□=•★, Wu Da Sakura attracts a large number of tourists come. On the 20th, Wuhan University publicly opened to the society to enclose the cherry of cherry for tourists▼●, about 6 million yuan per year▼▪▲. Wuhan University President Douxin said that Wu Da Sakura is known for its national famous. Everyone is willing to go to Wu Da, and Wu Da is responsible for accepting it. In order to do this, the school is willing to assume about 6 million yuan per year. Director Xu Dongxing•…◁, director of the Party and Administration Office of Wuhan University▲…•○, said: “These include operational input and repair investment. Such as the development of the appointment management system, with the customization of the function gate system, the rental of mobile baths-◁▽-, Temporary traffic contr?