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sky blue bubble coat – royalluwomens suit.[boys hooded flannel jacket]Rui Reference Wiqi “Change Entrance to China…-▷?” The truth is a bit complicated … Reference Message Network reported on May 27 (text / Tang Lixin) to add the sin, why no words. Not long ago, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wang Wenbin once revealed that the anti-China power used the rumors to attack Chinas routine, and a total of three steps: first explode with the so-called scholar◇☆□▽, the victim, then the media followed into the speculation, then the official echo intervention. Wang Wenbin is in touch with the issue of Xinjiang△=, but the recent events have shown that this routine is also used by some people, such as new crown viruses. They first played a “big brand”: US Presidential Chief Medical Adviser Ant◇…★▷.

Original title•★: Flying to Wuhan All-Japanese Airliner Due to the oil leakage discount, Narita Airport [Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to Japanese Community reported on August 22, the next day, from 7▪☆:20, Narita Airport, Japan, to Wuhan, 937 times The flight is folded back to Narita Airport after Take off for 45 minutes. This passenger aircraft is Boeing 767. In the flight■=, the instrument has insufficient oil pressure in the plane, and there is an oil leakage in the air pressure. There were no one injured 214 passengers and passengers on the machine. The passengers on the machine were then arranged to other passenger aircraft and flew at 10 oclock in the evening■▽◁. Japans land transportation province said that there are three hydraulic systems on the machine, and the hydraulic system in which the hydraulic pressure in the event is located on the right side of the body, and the oil sequination is found near the pressurized pump body. (Internship compilation: Yin Chenyang review●□: Ma Li) Editor: H■◁••!

Original title: Rolling ship and bulk ship crashes in the waters of the Pearl River, causing bulk ships to sink○◇, 9 people rescued on board: China Daily Guangzhou Maritime Department Site Organization Search Search Save the maritime personnel to save the water supply personnel reporters from Guangzhou Sea search and rescue The center learned that in 1912, 2018, at the nearby waters of Saji 41, the main channel of the main channel of Zhujiangou, 2201 vehicles were loaded from Guangzhou Xindsha Port, Panama, South Korea. The “Cherry★-◇” wheel with the ◆•△…”Cherry◁…-” wheel and the bulk ship “Chenchang 332″ wheel from Shenzhen Fuyong to Dongguan Daozi, a collision accident caused the △◆”Chenchang 332” ship hull to break, partially sinking, “Chenchang 332” board is full of water. Transportated by Guangzhou Sea Search and Rescue Center, Guangzhou Mariti. american sportswear manufacturer

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