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[grey varsity jacket womens]Original title Foreign media•◇: China launched a new space Observatory project depth space detection ability will increase 100 times reference news network on March 6th report foreign media said that according to the official website of the High Energy Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, March 2, China Academy of Sciences launched China New Generation Space Science Satellite – Enhanced X – ray Time Transformation and Polarization Detection (EXTP) Space Observatory Background Model No. Project, the start will be held in the National Space Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. According to Singapore “Joint Morning Post=★” website reported on March 4, the spatial science satellite is expected to launch a run in 2025, and has become the international leading flagship X-ray space observatory in this field in 10 years. According to the Chinese media report■☆▽○, the increasing X-ray time change and polarization space observatory is Chinas first space astronomical telescope ☆◆•”眼” satelli!

Original title: United Nations 28▪◆◁: 1 Through Chinas human rights resolution, the United Nations left the United Nations Human Rights Board of Human Rights passed Chinas ▷◁□”Promotion of cooperation in the field of cooperation in the field of human rights-◆▷•”, which is the first time in the United Nations resolution. Write a major idea to promote the construction of new international relations and build a community of human fate, and only one vote is objected when the vote■△. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Huat Chunying said at the routine reporter in today (26th), only through dialogue and cooperation○•◆, can better promote and protect the human rights cause of all countries, and Chinas resolutions fully reflect the common desire of the international community. Helps to enhance the right to speak in terms of international human rights fields★•. ▲ March 23, in the Switzerland Geneva Palace-▼…, the United Nations Human Rights Council 37th sessi○=….

Zhongxin Net Yichang May 27th (Dong Xiaobin Xu Junfu) Huijiang City Public Security Bureau notified, in the ○◁☆”Thunderstanding 2021″ special action, successfully knocked off a network money laundering crime gang, arrested 35 suspects, and seized on the spot More than 200 bank cards, more than 170 million yuan▽-△•. At the beginning of March this year, the Zhijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau asked An police station frozen a case in the case of telecommunications network fraud cases△△◇◁. After in-depth analysis of the account, the police found that the account and associated multiple accounts have huge funds…■, and these accounts involve multiple telecommunications network fraud cases. Zhijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau quickly formed the joint proposal group to carry out investigation…●□▲, aft? bulk wholesale t-shirtshow to find manufacturers in australia – echt apparel usa boxing materials foreign tshirt!