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grey reflective jacket![yoga clothes wholesale usa]Source◇=□◁: Guan Zhou Zhou Yuan Title: Become a Political Consultative Committee▼●▼, =■◁…”Zhou Yu edit” This means that the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference will also face “big blood test” in addition to the new chairman and vice chairmanship to elect a new chairman and vice chairman. A total of 2158 members of the 13th National CPPCC have reduced 79 people from the 12th CPPCC member announced by 5 years ago. Among them, the CPC members accounted for 39.8%, and the non-CPC members accounted for 60▷☆-▷.2%, and the proportion of the Committee was reduced. The Learning Jun (WeChat ID: BQzhengzhiju) combed the list of members of the new CPPCC, and the number of new nominated members of this session exceeded half. In the C!

Original title•◁: Secrets Urban deputy center control detail-◇◇, deputy center will build Beijing urban center is a wing draft of Beijing New Wing▼▷★□, it is necessary to focus on the relationship between deputy center and central urban area★☆, and Relationship, relationship with the surrounding areas of the city and Tongzhou◇○★, focusing on building a national first-class harmonious and livable capital exemplary area, new urbanization demonstration zone, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional collaborative development demonstration zone. The draft urban space structure of a plurality of groups was built, highlighting the city characteristics of the water city, blue-green interlocking, cultural heritage◆■☆▼, strengthening the planning management and control system•□, and creating a migrant city of the Times. In 2016, Beijing organized a detailed urban design plan collection work in the overall urban design and key area of ​​the sub-center•▼, in •▼▼□.

Part of the National Peoples Congress of Liaoning Province took a group photo in the Great Hall of the People. Reporter Cheng Ding Title: Liaoning Delegation: Northeast Revitalization requires the National Peoples Congress to supervise the Justice Network Beijing March 13 (Reporter Zheng Zhi) “Strengthening the legislation of key areas, the number-■▪, the weight is heavy, the rhythm is fast, the effect is good.▼▪▪” On March 12th★■, the Delegation of Liaoning held a plenary meeting to consider the work report of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress. The representative of Hou Houmu Road◁○, Director of the Special Processing Workshop of Shenyang Aerospace, Liaoning Province, praised the legislative work of the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee in his speech▽◇☆•. “Develop environmental protection tax law▪▽▲, modify corporate income tax law●…◁▼, promote scientific and technological achievements transformation▪▼, etc.★…◁◆, revised environmental protection law=◇○, pollution prevention•▪, food safety law, safety production method, consumer rights protection law, etc•▪.” H create fitness apparel light denim jacket with hoodie!

Original title: Rui Reference The Ministry of Foreign Affairs “怼•◇•☆” United Nations High Commissioner▲▪▼▷, the netizens of this country have said: “Thank China benefits of wearing compression shorts!=△” ▽★▷△”Thank you China!” Said that this is not someone, but the Philippine netizen★○□▪! Today (13th), on the Philippines social networking website■▽, many Fei netizens suddenly ▽★…◆”grateful China◇◇”. This thing is that the cause is Yesterday (12th) China Foreign Ministry=◇◇…. When asked about the view of ▷★△△”a senior commissioner of the United Nations Human Rights condemned the President of the Philippine●▪-“●=●★, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs replied that Duttert President ▷▽□”actively combat drug crime and terrorism▼▼–“, “effective maintenance and Promote basic human rights such as the safety and development of the Philippine people, “Lu Zhan called for…•▲★” Human Rights.