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[windbreaker wholesale]At the 13th meeting, a meeting of the 13th National CPPCC was opened at 3 pm on March 3 at 3 PM. The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference listened and considered the Work Report of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the CPPCC and the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee on the Work of the 12th CPPCC. The following is a live record▪•□○: conscientiously implement the major reform measures for the CPPCC on the democratic construction of the CPPCC, implement the implementation of the policy of democratic construction of the CPPCC to carry out stage evaluation■■◁, through field research inspection, promotion experience▽○◇, find insufficient△▪○…, improve work, further improve The plenary meeting is the lead, with the topic of the Standing Committee and the Topic Negotiation Association•▪, with the two-week negotiation symposium…△◇▼, a counterpart consultation, proposal to handle the conference, etc. Establish a development annual consultation plan system, increa.

Original title: ▲▲■…”Sichuan Sichuan Killing Case” victims family prosecuting the school school counterfeit requit 20,000 March 27, ◇○◁”Sichuan Sichuan Daxie Case” victims family prosecute Sichuan Masters big case. The victim family requested that the Sichuan Master compensated 57◇=▼▪,0074•◇-.65 yuan. Sichuan Masters made a counterclaim. The family agent of the victim said that the refeck of Sichuan Masters is in line with the law, but it is not reasonable. The victims parents had a total of more than 40,000 yuan, and the Sichuan Nirest returned more than 60,000, that is, the victim will pay the parent to pay about 20,000 yuan. Editor in charge: Zhang Yili▲▷□.

Zhongxin Net Linyi May 28th■▷: ​​”Life and Death 3 Second” Choice: This can save people no regrets Zhongxin reporter Wang Huilin grenade explosion moment, thick smoke, the ball is scattered, he is consciously uses yourself The body protects the comrades, and the time left to him is only 3 seconds…◇•. On December 12□•, 2018★-■▪, a training field under the Shanxi Province, a great sound of •…▪”bang=□★▽”•◁■, the armed police Shanxi Corps Linyi Detachment Diligence Brigade captain Xue Wei took a warrior tightly, herself It was hit by the ball▷•, and hips were injured. Today, the bouss bead has been taken out. Although it is not suitable, he said: “Protect the soldiers, I have no hesitation.” Military Dream of the Extreme 19.

Original title: (Times) Hu Chunhua hosted the first China International Import Expo Preparatory Committee Second Meeting Xinhua News Agency Beijing April 16▪•▪, the first China International Import Expo Preparation Committee was held in Beijing on the 16th▪□. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council, director of the Preparatory Committee, presided over the meeting and speaking. Hu Chunhua emphasized that China International Import Expo is△□, is a major decision-making that the Party Central Committee adopts a new round of high-level opening up•△●★, which is a major initiative to open market to the world. To be guided by Xi Jinpings new era○▽◇, in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping▲●◁…, in accordance with government work report, and seriously do a good implementation-☆◇•, and solidly promote preparations, one piece of implementati?

Original title CPPCO member Ding Jie○◇: Should be included in the country childrens disease medical model into health poverty alleviation in two sessions of this year, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference▷◆, China Country Childrens Disease Medicine Public Welfare Fund and Angel Mama Fund Consultant, Professor Ding Jie, the First Hospital of Peking University “The▲▼●☆” Regional Childrens Medical Insurance ▪□○”model is incorporated into the political agreement of the policy of health poverty alleviation policy, and has been positive response from the committee. On March 3, Ding Jie committees said in the interview of the media that my countrys depletion strikes have achieved decisive progress in China, and the national poverty in the country has declined year by year…•. However, while the poor is significantly reduced, it remains more than 40% due to the proportion of poverty caused by the disease▽•. In the poor, the poverty of children is the most serious. According to rural indigeno.