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[construction t shirt design]Original title•■▪: This country will reproduce the warm spring in the north to the north, and will reproduce the warm spring China New Network★▷. On April 7th□-▼, the continuous cold air brings great cooling■…■◆, wind, sand dust to most of the country◁△=. ■=, Rain, snow, etc. According to the weather forecast, the cold air for many days will gradually returne, starting on the 7th◆◁=◇, most parts of the country will rise from north to south. On April 6…□, Shijiazhuang citizens put on a thick winter clothes=•. Zhongxin News Reporter Yu Yujia is still the wind in the northern part of the north••◁, and the strong cold air sweeps most parts of the country from the south, and some areas are less than 20 ° C. Since the beginning of the Qingming holiday, cold air has caused most of the northern parts of the northern part of the wind, while the southern region is in a cooling and rain shroud★=☆. According to the central weath!

Original title: Han Changfu▷=…△: Marketing in food acquisition is the 13th National Peoples Congress▷◆▽, one meeting. The news center held a press conference at 10:30 am on March 7, inviting Minister of Agriculture••, Han Changfu, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Justailing▷◇, Office Director Pan Xianzheng answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists on ▲=▽•”Implementing Rural Revitalization Strategies and Upgraded Agricultural Transformation◇△◁”. The first financial reporter has issued the problem of food prices. Last year○…, corn prices rebounded, how to see? Whether the minimum purchase price of wheat and rice is lowered, will it affect the enthusiasm of farmers? Han Changfu said that rice supply is a bit large, the basic balance of wheat, the price is still to further improve the formation mechanism of the price, so that the price will further close to the market. The truth says that there is a certain impact on the enthusiasm of farmers, but it will not be too much◆◇. whe☆•◆.

Original title: Concern: US Media●◁○■: China Seventh Military Workers Enterprises are among the top 20 US media, and a wisdom in London has been concluded that 7 Chinese companies will be among the top 20 of World Defense, these companies The defense business camp has an average of more than $ 5 billion – such a scale can enroll any country outside the United States. According to the US “Defense News○▲-■” Weekly reported on August 23, two researchers of the International Strategic Institute Lucy Beruode-Sudo and Meia Nitches conducted eight major defense companies in China. Investigate. They are: China Aviation Industry Group (AVIC), China Electronic Technology Group (CETC), China North Industrial Co▷◇●., Ltd…◆▷•. (Norinco)○▼◆, China Weapon Equipment Group (CSGC), China Ship Industry S pink safety jacket!

Original title: Shaanxi Provincial Peoples Government Participate in Disciplinary Review and Monitoring According to Shaanxi Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission Illegal, currently being accepted for discipline review and supervision. Wu Xincheng resume Wu Xincheng, male, Han nationality, born in July 1955, Shaanxi three originals△●•, January 1974 participated in the work, June 1974○•, June 1974, joined the Chinese Communist Party, University Education. From January 1975, January 1975, the rural grassroots organization of Sanyan County, Shaanxi Province, rectified team members★▪◆, deputy captains△◆☆; from January 1975, August 1976, Ren Zhanchang Agricultural Technology•▼, Zhangjiaxu Communications◇◆▷, Sanyuan County○△●, Shaanxi Province; 1976 August to 1980▷…◇.

Original title: One Chinese captain was sentenced to -•▷●”illegal fishing” Korean media reported screenshot of “illegal fishing” Korean media report screenshots Overseas News=★•◆, Japan○△●▪, the South Korea●■, the Lands Court, is suspected of violating South Korea and adjoining The Chinese captain A, the Chinese captain, was sentenced to 1 and a half years…☆=●, and it was fined 20 million won (about RMB 117…◆••,000)•●; the Chinese Wheel Machine B was sentenced to 1 year◇-, and fined 15 million won ( The RMB 87,000). In addition, more than 1,100 kilograms of fishery and fishing were confiscated. According to reports•▲, from January 17 to 21 this year, a one and B entered the Korean territorial sea◇▼▷▼, in the Eastern Sea area of ​​Yanjin County▪★★▽, Incheon City○=☆, “illegal fishing★◁▷”◆○□=, and therefore was prosecuted. The judge is said to the sentencing result.aircool instagram yoga equipment brands chinese manufacturers clothing,