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[embroidery on clothing]Bridge, life, life▷=▽○, Yuan Zhanzhu-☆◇☆, a boat fire★▽■☆, the drill, Jiangfeng◇◆☆○, inner▪▽☆◁, danger◆△, Jiang Feng, •…●◁”O-type” rescue technology☆○, Jiang Feng, a boat, alert, Yuan Zhan, the island rescue drill☆□…, Jiang Feng▼◆○, May 28, Hubei Shiyan City Hold a cross-regional anti-flood emergency drill. The drill is based on the current flood prevention and relief situation, highlighting the actual training☆■▽▼, the joint command•○, comprehensive protection◁▪…, focusing on air investigation☆○, island rescue, rumored self-help, internal ride□☆●☆, bridge rescue students, water life, boat fire saving, dike dam reinforcement◇▼, etc. 16 actual combat subjects. [Editor: Li Yu◁■△.

Original title: Guizhou Maotai Deputy General Manager responded to “False Mantai sells the goods” Source: Legal Evening News · View News Legal Evening News · Views News (Reporter Ju Xueqing) Since 2017, Guizhou Maotai stock price soared to “phenomenon” gods△•★▽, and encountered The wind wave of ▽▷”fake Maotai Spring Festival sells–•◁.▲•▼…” On the afternoon of March 7th, Zhang Dhen, member of the National Peoples Congress, Guizhou Maotai Winery (Group) Co▲▽★◆., Ltd□◁•●., Party Committee, deputy general manager Zhang Databasei accepted the Legal Evening News · View Journalist exclusive interview•-○□, responding to the holiday, maintenance of intellectual property, corporate innovation and other hot topics•▽▼◆. He called for the whole society to respect and maintain knowledge innovation▪◁●, increase the cracking of fake fake behavior from legislative and law enforcement perspectives, “like a fake renminbi, drunk driving like a fake behavior△•.” Talking about the biggest injury is the new consumer vi?

China New Network Beijing May 28 (Chen Wei) Since the beginning of this year, the multinational central banks accelerate the research and development of the central banks digital currency (CDBC)□☆-▼, which will the digital currency will affect the international monetary system? How do traditional industries take advantage of digital wave? International Financial Forum 2021 Spring 2021 Spring Conference Focus =•”Postpartum Edition☆▼: Global Governance and International Cooperation” Theme As one of the highlights of the International Financial Forum 2021●☆●◆, the IFF academic conference in the theme of “Digital Currency and Future Digital Transformation” will be on May .

[Chinas maintenance of the peace and stability of the South China Sea] Do not shake] Foreign Minister Wang Yi: China maintains the determination of peace and stability in Nanhai, sincerely consistently◆☆▲●. We deal with the foothold of the South China Sea issue is the responsibility of the Chinese people, responsible for historical facts□●◆, responsible for regional peace-•, and is responsible for international rule of law. This position is as strong as a rock, and it is consistent. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor☆▪▷◆: Liu Longlo★▪■.

Original title: Ma Xiaowei was appointed director of the National Health Committee: Explorer picture from the reform of the University Hospital Source•▼: Visual China March 19th, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting of voting, and decided Ma Xiaowei as director of the National Health and Health Committee-○. Subsequently▽◇◆, the President Xi Jinping signed the chairman, appointing the 59-year-old Ma Xiaowei as director of the National Health and Health Committee. He is about to face a newly established department. After integrating the health functions of multiple administrative departments, the main responsibility of the newly established National Health and Health, the development of national health policies, coordinating the development of the medical and health system reform, organizing the national basic drug system, supervising and management of public health, medical Service…◇▼●, health emergency◆△-, responsible for family planning management and service work, planning to address aging, medical combination polici◆▼○.